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Coral Calcium Supreme

Bob's Best
Coral Calcium 2000mg

Bob's Best
Vitamin D3 5,000 IU

This is the "Original Coral Calcium" product that started it all and has been seen on TV by millions. Coral Calcium Supreme is a Bob Barefoot product that is a high quality mineral and vitamin supplement that provides your body with the essential elements necessary for optimal health.

 Biologically Perfect, this product is formulated using the highest quality coral calcium which supplies the correct 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, naturally.
Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000mg contains twice as much Coral Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D 3 and Folic Acid as is found in Coral Calcium Supreme. This  product is the top of the line for coral calcium mineral vitamin supplementation.

Bob's strongest and most effective coral calcium supplement is designed for people who know they are deficient or have a significant health issue to deal with. This product is formulated for our clients as  Caplets.

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant not just in the United States, but also worldwide. Research into vitamin D status and its effects on your health and the healthy of your loved ones has grown tremendously over the past decade.

Due to the myriad of scientific studies supporting Vitamin D supplementation, vitamin D testing has increased to over 500,000 tests per month!  You name the disease and it appears that Vitamin D deficiency has a role in it's progression.

Coral Calcium Supreme: The #1 selling supplement ever via TV Infomercial

Coral Calcium Supreme is recognized as the #1 selling supplement via TV Infomercials of all time. Bob Barefoot's Infomercials about the benefits of Calcium & Coral Calcium have been viewed by Millions and Millions of people. As a result, millions of Americans have ordered Coral Calcium Supreme over the last 5 years. These customers have continued to order the product for one simple reason. It works!


For the past decade, this product has provided relief for many people suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions due to the scientific fact that our bodies NEED Vitamins and Minerals. Bob Barefoot designed Coral Calcium Supreme to be a Multi Vitamin & a Multi Mineral Supplement all wrapped up in one product.

The products found on this website are the only coral calcium products that are formulated, manufactured and distributed by Bob Barefoot himself. He has formulated his Bob's Best product line in an attempt to create the best supplements of the Century by using SMP-44 Marine Grade Coral Calcium in each of his Coral Calcium products which contain over 70 naturally occurring trace minerals.


WATCH OUT FOR CHEAP IMMITATIONS:  Fossilized Coral Calcium Products

Most coral calcium products you find in the market today are essentially void of any real health benefits because they are formulated with cheap inexpensive fossilized coral that is dug out of the ground.

Don't believe their misrepresentations and lies! Land based coral which is commonly referred to as Fossilized Coral has  been subjected to thousands of years of rain which has stripped away many of it's key minerals and nutrients. For the past 20 years, Bob Barefoot has stated that Marine Grade Coral Calcium is the nutrient of the 21st Century.