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Vitamin D3

90 Caplets - 5,000 IU

Bob's Best Vitamin D3 is a critical component in establishing and maintaining a healthy body. Each bottle of Bob's Best Vitamin D3 Contains 90 vegetarian approved 5,000 IU tablets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many  products on the market today contain no more than 400 to 800 IU per tablet. Another alarming fact is that many Vitamin D supplements are not the natural form (Vitamin D3) but Vitamin D2 which is much less biologically active.

In recent years, Vitamin D3 has gotten more & more press coverage!

The National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization have been begging food producers to add more Vitamin D to milk, pasta, cereal, orange juice, the un-natural margarine (you should stay away from) and other foods.

The problem is... They are using the synthetic form of Vitamin D  called Vitamin D2(Ergocalciferol). Vitamin D2 is inferior to Vitamin D3 but many product manufacturers are using this less biologically active form.

Natural Vitamin D3 is what your body is craving - It's called Cholecalciferol and the only form of Vitamin D that Bob uses in his high quality products. It is the form of Vitamin D that your own body produces by exposure to the sun.

So what are the benefits of Vitamin D3?

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