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Coral Calcium Supreme is recognized as the #1 selling supplement via TV Infomercials of all time. Bob Barefoot's Infomercials about the benefits of Calcium & Coral Calcium were viewed by Millions and Millions of people. As a result, millions of Americans have ordered Coral Calcium Supreme over the last 10 years. These customers have continued to order the product for one simple reason. It works!
Bob Barefoot’s products have provided relief for many people suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions due to the scientific fact that our bodies NEED Vitamins and Minerals. The products found on this site are the only coral calcium products that are formulated, manufactured and distributed by Bob Barefoot himself. As Bob Barefoot has stated for decades, Coral Calcium is the nutrient of the 21st Century.

Vitamin D3 - 5000 IU

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant not just in the U.S., but worldwide, and research into vitamin D status and its effects on your health has grown tremendously in the past couple of years, showing that previously recommended levels are insufficient to reap any major health benefits. Read Scientific Studies and Newspaper articles detailing the importance of Vitamin D Supplementation........


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Coral Calcium Supreme

This is Bob Barefoot's first Coral Calcium Product that started a health revolution. This product has been seen by millions of people on National Infomercials. Straight from Nature and Biologically Perfect, the SMP-44 high grade Coral Calcium found in Coral Calcium Supreme is the highest quality coral calcium(SMP-44) available.  See all of the extra minerals, vitamins and nutrients in his Coral Calcium products in  the Supplemental Facts section........

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Coral Calcium 2000 mg

Bob Barefoot's strongest and most effective coral calcium supplement containing twice as much Coral Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D 3 and Folic Acid. Bob's Best 2000mg Coral Calcium product was designed for people who know they are deficient or have a significant health issue to deal with. Bob Barefoot's Coral Calcium products are much more than any standard CALCIUM PRODUCT.......see all of the ingredients in his products in  the Supplemental Facts section........

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1 Bottle : $27.95 

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OXY Supreme

Bobs Best Oxy Supreme is a slightly alkaline formulation designed to assist the body in absorbing oxygen. This formula was created by Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, with the goal to assist the human body with the proper distribution of oxygen within the cells of the human body. Oxygen increases your energy, your memory and the quality of your life.........


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3 Bottles: $18.95 Per Bottle = Total Price $74.85

6 Bottles: $17.95 Per Bottle = Total Price $143.70  
Robert Barefoot Books 

The Calcium Factor

bookcoverThe Calcium Factor is written by Robert Barefoot and Dr. Carl J. Reich, MD. Together Barefoot and Dr. Reich review the importance of consuming a sustainable amount of calcium as an essential part of a healthy diet.

Calcium acts as a natural building block to the body's immune system. When taken on a regular basis, the body has the ability to fight off immune issues such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Calcium Factor is an essential guide to aide the reader in developing a better sense of well being, lifestyle and health simply by including daily doses of calcium. The Calcium Factor is the ultimate "how to" guide for incorporating calcium into a balanced lifestyle.


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The Disease Conspiracy: The FDA Suppression of Cures

civerrBook Review by Kevin Trudeau
Robert Barefoot has recently written a new book which he has dedicated to Oprah Winfrey. This is a spectacular book, a quick and easy read that contains suppressed actual clinical studies documenting how vitamins and minerals inhibit the growth of cancer and prevent heart disease, diabetes, MS, lupus and dozens of other ailments.

The book provides the actual scientific evidence that reporters, journalists and M.D.s say does not exist. Disease can be quickly wiped out in America in spite of the hundred-year conspiracy by the FDA and drug industry that suppress this information. The book also addresses the epidemic vitamin and mineral deficiency in the United States and explains why black Americans suffer from the highest disease and mortality rates due to these deficiencies. The book is available at Highly recommended


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Death by Diet

Book Review

Death by Diet was written by popular request as a sequel to, and includes many excerpts from The Calcium Factor. It was written to inform that: mineral and vitamin deficiency is the main cause of degenerative disease; to explain that a medical freedom amendment to the Constitution will be necessary to change the current restrictive, disease dependent system; and to suggest to politicians that the promotion of preventive medicine could dramatically reduce the deficit while making the voters both happy and healthy.

Howard W. Pollock, Congressman (Alaska) Retired, Past President Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, and The National Rifle Association. "Mr. Barefoot is one of the Nation's top Nutritional Therapists, a chemist, scientist in the fields of biochemistry, hydrocarbon extraction and metal extraction from ores. He is an inventor and holder of numerous patents, public speaker, writer, and outstanding business entrepreneur, a man of great integrity, enthusiasm, determination, loyalty, and tireless energy, coupled with a great personality. Mr. Barefoot has achieved wide acclaim in recent years for his biochemical research into the inter-relationship between disease and malnutrition, espousing that degenerative diseases are caused by mineral and vitamin deficiencies,"


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Barefoot on Coral Calcium


Book Review from

This book is novel, new, controversial and thought provoking. Based on thirty years of personal research, Robert R. Barefoot, a renowned chemist, presents a powerful argument for the wide-ranging health benefits of marine coral minerals (coral calcium) from Okinawa, Japan. Steeped in mystery, folklore, credible testimonials and emerging science, this book describes how coral remnants collected from the Okinawan ocean floor provide a powerhouse of versatile health benefits of coral minerals and calcium from Okinawa, Japan, when they are used as a dietary supplement.



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